Tickets Talks & Filme, Talks & Films Wednesday in Berlin
Pop-Kultur Festival 2019

Tickets for Talks & Filme Talks & Films Wednesday 21.08.19 in Berlin, Kulturbrauerei

Tickets for Talks & Filme Berlin



What do young people think nowadays when they look at the U.K. rave culture of the eighties and early nineties? The documentary »Everybody in the Place: An Incomplete History of Britain 1984-1992« by Jeremy Deller answers this question and a whole lot more, and the accompany talk during the intermission will tackle all the others. Shortly afterwards, Little Annie spills her guts with Max Dax, and Caren Miesenberger meets the person behind the Berlin Club Memes account, before Dirk von Lowtzow presents excerpts from his new book »Aus dem Dachsbau« – not just reading but singing, too. The »Pop-Hayat« programme curated by Yeşim Duman kicks off with a discussion by DJ Ipek and Nuray Demir, putting their heads together with Duman to address feminism and class consciousness. The only thing left to talk about is why music sounds so shitty. That's what Max Gruber aka Drangsal and Max Rieger from Die Nerven will explain to Gesine Kühn.

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