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Pop-Kultur Festival 2019

Tickets for Talks & Filme Talks & Films Thursday 22.08.19 in Berlin, Kulturbrauerei

Tickets for Talks & Filme Berlin



Swans are back, and at Pop-Kultur at that. That’s where the film »Where Does a Body End?« about the band and their mastermind Michael Gira will be celebrating its German premiere. During the intermission director Marco Porsia will talk to journalist Nick Soulsby and Swans members Kristof Hahn and Paul Wallfisch about the band's legacy. »Pop-Hayat« is back for day two with a discussion between music journalists Miriam Davoudvandi and Lena Grehl, who invited MC Ebow for their talk on feminism and rap. In »Pop-Kultur lokal« alum Boris Paillard’s talk »African Beats & Pieces«: »Auto-Tuned Africa: When Technology Meets Tradition,« launched by Max Le Daron and Pamela Owusu-Brenyah will explore the aftermath of Auto-Tune on the African continent. ANDRRA, Dacid Go8lin, Lisa Morgenstern and moderator Vivan Perkovic are dedicated to post-migrant identities, while Bad&Boujee, Isabelle Edi and Leyla Yenirce offer insight into the work of feminist collectives. Also back at Pop-Kultur: Deutschlandfunk Kultur. »Am I Still Allowed to Listen to Michael Jackson? And if so, how? Pop, Ethics and Identity Politics« is the title of their debate this year.

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