Tickets Tagesticket Mittwoch,  in Berlin
Pop-Kultur Festival 2022

Tickets for Tagesticket Mittwoch 24.08.22 in Berlin, Kulturbrauerei

Tickets for Tagesticket Mittwoch Berlin


Kicking off on Wednesday, 24th August, Pop-Kultur 2022 welcomes you to experience concerts, DJ sets, talks and films, fully live and in person over three days. The first commissioned works, created especially for the festival and receiving their world premiere, will be shown, among others Sean Nicolas Savage will present a one-man musical in which he faces his own fears. The 2022 Grammy-winner for Best Global Music Performance Arooj Aftab will be one of the acts giving a concert at the Palais. Aftab is the first Pakistani artist to receive this award – for her music that flows from Sufi to jazz. Other acts on stage include system-critical Christin Nichols (formerly of Prada Meinhoff), rapper Ebow and British singer-songwriter Anna B Savage. Drangsal will read from his first book, »Doch«.

Here are all the acts playing on Wednesday (24 August), at a glance:

Commissioned Works

21 downbeat: »Berlin« ~ gal sherizly & Như Huỳnh: »Karaokee Xpress« ~ Joanna Gemma Auguri: »Music for a Private Room Where a Broken Heart Can Beat at Its Own Pace« ~ Mila Hergert: »Schnauze voll« ~ Painting: »White on White« ~ Sean Nicholas Savage: »The Fear«

Concerts & DJ-Sets

Anna B Savage ~ Arooj Aftab  ~ Christin Nichols ~ Dlina Volny ~ Ebow ~ Edward Hunt ~ FOKN Bois ~ Francisco Parisi ~ GoldLink ~ Kælan Mikla ~ Levin Goes Lightly ~ Liz ~ Metz ~ Noraa ~ Prince M.I.K. ~ SALOMEA ~ Taffee ~ Tama Gucci ~ Wa22ermann

Talks & Reading

»About Writing II«: Aida Baghernejad (Mod.), JJ Weihl, Nuha Ruby Ra ~ »Off the Record« – Podcast von Deutschlandfunk Kultur: Claudia Roth, Vero Schreiegg (Mod.) ~ »DOCH«: Drangsal ~ »I`ll Be Fine: Talk über Popkultur, DRUCK und Gen Z«: Aidan Riebensahm (Mod.), Eren M. Güvercin, Naomi Bechert, Nhung Hoang ~ »Musicians in Exile - Different Perspectives«: Aeham Ahmad, DJ Jeff, Gianna Main (Mod.), Pamela Owusu-Brenyah (Mod.), Odarka ~ »Power to the Artists: Non Fungible Token (NFT)«: Anika Meier, Carmelo Lo Porto, Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, Tristan Littlejohn (Mod.)  ~ »Rosa Extra, Schmuggel, Stasi & Verrat«: Andrea Berwing, Bernd Jestram, Paul Poet (Mod.) ~ »Wie schmeckt Kunst? oder: Wie riecht Musik?«: Katharina Tress, Mats Küssner, Mila Hergert, Sara Lu