Tickets Tagesticket Donnerstag,  in Berlin
Pop-Kultur Festival 2022

Tickets for Tagesticket Donnerstag 25.08.22 in Berlin, Kulturbrauerei

Tickets for Tagesticket Donnerstag Berlin

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Tagesticket Donnerstag31,00 € 
Tagesticket Donnerstag (Inklusionsticket) 31,00 € 
Tagesticket Donnerstag - Sozialticket 16,00 € 


On Thursday, 25th August, Ja, Panik will ask for »Apocalypse or Revolution«, Isolation Berlin will play poetic chansons with indie-rock guitars, and Uffie will present songs from her new album »Sunshine Factory«. At Yum Yum Club's concert, the whole band will gradually be replaced member by member, and Güner Künier will open up the wide thematic field of post-migrant identities with her commissioned work. Proving to be a true »incluencer« (as radio station Deutschlandfunk puts it), Graf Fidi will take over the Kulturbrauerei cinema. In addition to concerts and commissioned works, the programme also features talks, including one in which journalist Jens Balzer and other pop-culture experts will take a critical look at the debates on forms of cultural appropriation.

Here are all the acts playing on Thursday (25 August) announced so far, at a glance:

ANIQO ~ »Aşk, Mark ve Ölüm – Liebe D‑Mark und Tod« (Film) ~ Cartel Madras ~ David Julian Kirchner ~ Donia Touglo ~ eat-girls ~ »Ethik der Appropriation«: Jens Balzer, Julian Warner, Mod.: Aida Baghernejad ~ Falana ~ Fuffifufzich ~ gal sherizly & Như Huỳnh: »Karaokee Xpress« (Commissioned Work) ~ Grace Cummings ~ Graf Fidi ~ Güner Künier (Commissioned Work) ~ HSRS ~ Hyd ~ Ifriqiyya Electrique ~ Isolation Berlin ~ Ja, Panik ~ KABEAUSHÉ ~ L Twills ~ Lotic ~ MC Yallah & Debmaster ~ Nuha Ruby Ra ~ Oklou ~ Rose May Alaba ~ Schulverweis ~ Theodora ~ Uffie ~ Warm Graves ~ Yum Yum Club: »Yum Yum Club is Everybody« (Commissioned Work) ~ Zaho de Sagazan