Tickets Talks & Filme Freitag, Talks & Films Friday in Berlin
Pop-Kultur Festival 2018

Tickets for Talks & Filme Freitag Talks & Films Friday 17.08.18 in Berlin, Kulturbrauerei

Tickets for Talks & Filme Freitag Berlin

In 2002, when director Leilah Weinraub, who’ll be attending Pop-Kultur, first came to L.A.'s Shakedown club, she fell in love with the space, the atmosphere and the art of the performers. Fourteen years later her film »Shakedown« celebrates this special place on the cinema screen. Salwa Houmsi moderates for Radio Fritz and for the investigative on-line show »Jäger & Sammler« by ZDF/funk. With rap artist Ahzumjot and Backspin editor-in-chief Kevin Rühländer, she asks whether one still needs journalists when artists can actually communicate with their fans directly? Writer Josefine Rieks promises »a compilation of a modern reading and a classic YouTube party«.

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